Aluminum Painting

Since more than two decades ago, Sunal Aluminum has specialized in providing a one-stop shop for custom aluminum extrusion. We offer aluminum profile painting services, including electrostatic spraying and powder painting, to our customers. Fluorocarbon painting has excellent resistance to acid, alkali, impact, and abrasion, and can withstand strong ultraviolet radiation and acid rain for extended periods of time without painting chalking, fading, or flaking, making it the material of choice for decorative coating of high-end building curtain walls. 

aluminum painting

Moreover, the surface of powder-coated items is smooth and uniform, resistant to acid, alkali, impact, and abrasion, and resistant to the long-term deterioration caused by UV radiation and acid rain without chalking, fading, or peeling.

The Types of Aluminum Painting

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Electrostatic Spraying

That is, under the high-voltage electrostatic field, the gun is connected to the negative pole, the metal workpiece is grounded (positive) to form a circuit, fluorocarbon paint (powder) with the help of compressed air sprayed from the gun that is with a negative charge, according to the principle of opposites attract to the workpiece.

 Fluorocarbon spraying is to spray fluorocarbon paint on the surface of metal workpiece (such as aluminum plate, aluminum profile) after strict chrome treatment, and then baked at a high temperature above 230° for leveling and curing, so that the decorative surface of the metal workpiece has a uniform layer of fluorocarbon coating, making the surface of the product smooth, uniform color, and playing a decorative and anti-corrosion role on the metal parts.


sunal painting
  • Weather resistance: It has the extraordinary function of resisting bad weather and is not eroded by ozone.
  • UV resistance: anti-UV, anti-powdering performance, can maintain the inherent color and luster for a long time.
  • Chemical resistance: resistance to acid and alkali erosion and erosion of air pollution and acid rain.
  • corrosion resistance: low permeability of oxygen, moisture and corrosion particles, can withstand harsh environments for a long time without being corroded.
  • mechanical properties: excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent flexibility of the paint film.
  • anti-mold, bacteria fouling performance: excellent resistance to moisture is a non-nutrient for mold growth. With strong anti-mold, bacteria fouling and other characteristics.
  • Economical: It has the characteristic of not accumulating dust and dirt, which makes the cleaning work and cost of the building to a minimum level and is easy to maintain.

Powder Spraying

Powder spraying is the use of electrostatic spraying principle, the solid powder coating does not contain solvents adsorbed on the metal workpiece (such as aluminum, aluminum profiles), and then after 180 ~ 200 ° high temperature baking leveling curing, powder coating melt curing into a layer of more than 60 microns thick solid bright permanent coating film, the metal parts play a decorative and anti-corrosion role.


  • No solvent, no toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, the impact on the environment is very small.
  • Beneficial to the polymer, there are various options for weathering resistance.
  • Inert color material, excellent color stability.
  • Strong and flexible, resistant to various types of damage.
  • Curing cross-linked film, with excellent resistance to moisture and chemical properties.
  • One-time coating, film thickness up to 50-80μm, easy quality control, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • The sprayed powder can be recycled and reused, with good economic benefits.



Application of Aluminum Painting

Commonly utilized in building metals, including aluminum veneer, aluminum profiles, aluminum ceilings, aluminum grommets, aluminum louvers, aluminum grilles, hardware goods, high-temperature sanitary ware, and other surface coatings.

Processing of Aluminum Painting

Equipment & Paint

Suanl aluminum painting equipment is Japan Rang burg fluorocarbon automatic coating equipment and Switzerland Jinma a full set of automatic powder coating equipment, commonly used fluorocarbon coatings are the United States PPG, the Netherlands AKZO, Korea KCC, Taiwan dinosaur and other well-known coating company production KYNAR-500 fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating.  Commonly used powder coatings include Tiger powder, Rohm and Haas powder, Aksu powder and other brands of high-grade powder.

Preparation Process

The painting process is initially done with the parts placed on custom racks to minimize rack marks. The parts then pass through a 5-stage cleaning and pretreatment system to be cleaned and prepared for the paint process. Custom aluminum products do not use chromium in the pretreatment system. This means the products are RoHS compliant. our factory can paint parts up to 26 meters. After the parts are cleaned and pretreated, they are dried and prepared to be painted. After painting, the parts are cured in an oven and allowed to cool before being unracked and inspected.


The inspection process for all products requires not only a visual inspection, but also a color check using a ball colorimeter, mil thickness, gloss, pencil hardness, cross hatch adhesion and MEK resistance testing. This inspection process ensures that the products coming off the line meet the high expectations of our customers. For some products we use salt spray test testing.