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Many partners struggle to find an aluminum fabrication planting. with the expertise, capability, and experience to offer competitive pricing. and the ability to deliver manufactured products on time.

custom aluminum fabrication

Sunal Aluminum is a custom aluminum extrusion company with nearly 20 years of experience. We provide aluminum extrusions from design, prototyping, batch processing, powder coating, assembly. and other finishing services. For 20 years, we have served aluminum profiles as a one-stop total service. From small prototyping to high-volume production. we are capable of supplying and managing all your aluminum extrusion needs.

What is Aluminium Fabrication?

Aluminum fabrication is the manufacturing process of converting aluminum profiles into finished parts for customer applications.

Because aluminum is lightweight, durable, ductile, and versatile. And used for many different applications in a wide variety of industries. Due to its superior mechanical properties. aluminum is easier to work with and often has a higher strength-to-weight ratio. This allows our team to manufacture a wide range of product types.

Sunal Aluminum provides professional production advice to our customers. We configure aluminum profiles by cutting, bending, deburring, welding, machining. and forming to ultimately provide you with the ideal product.

Application of Aluminium Fabrication

The aluminum profile market used in aerospace and automotive companies. engineering and construction, delivery, electrical equipment. chemical plants; packaging; and industrial production of household goods. The production volume is second only to steel, ranking second in metal composite materials.Architectural aluminum profiles (windows, doors, curtain walls)Radiator aluminum profiles

General industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing. such as automated machinery and equipment, skeletons, etc.Aluminum profiles for rail vehicle structures are mainly used for rail vehicle body manufacturing.Decoration of aluminum profiles, made into aluminum alloy face frames. framing various decorative paintings.

Aluminum Fabrication Designs Let Us Desgin Aluminium Fabrication For Your Projects

Whether you come to Sunal Aluminum with a complete fabrication drawing or just an idea. we will work with you to achieve your fabrication and design requirements. Our professional design staff helps create. and execute your manufacturing needs through CAD and CAM programs. Taiyo’s efficient team reviews each project in depth. verifying manufacturability and ensuring your parts are machined at maximum efficiency without compromising quality.

Capacity of Aluminium Fabrication

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • All conventional punching machines are OSHA compliant.
  • 20 to 100-ton capacity…
  • 18″ to 16′ beds
  • 0.400″ to 20′ cut-to-size lengths with a tolerance of +0.010″
  • Horizontal and vertical machining centers
  • Fourth axis machining
  • Precision, square-cut, and miter saws
  • Compound miter and V-notch saws
  • Laser cutting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Vibratory deburring machines and wire deburring machines
  • Punching and notching machines
  • Drilling
  • Countersinking machines
  • Counter Boring
  • Tapping
  • Welding
  • Embossing
  • Embossing and decoupage
  • Engraving
  • Private Labeling
  • Fully assembled
cnc aluminum fabrication

Sunal Aluminum has 6 CNC machines at the same time, including vertical and horizontal machining. A fourth axis capability is also available. Fourth-axis machining provides similar capabilities to the third axis. but with additional rotary motion around the X-axis. This allows us to mill aluminum profiles in multiple axes without having to change tools. resulting in increased productivity. The bending machine offers superior accuracy and durability in sheet metal bending. Cutting-edge technology provides quick changeover capability with automated CNC machines.

Metal aluminum profile

High Quality & Cost Effective Custom Aluminum Fabrication

A dedicated, hands-on team evaluates your project and determines the necessary tooling. and the best method of machining to efficiently meet the requirements. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Aluminum Finishing Services Painting & Assembly

The final step in the aluminum manufacturing process is to verify . that the manufactured parts meet specifications and are ready for use. We ensure that the manufactured parts meet the required specifications through meticulous inspection. including the creation of custom measurements . where necessary to ensure the fit and function of each part. Besides, we can provide finishing and assembly services such as powder coating, anodizing. and wet painting.

aluminum profile extrusion

One Stop Shop Services Why Sunal for Your Aluminum Fabrications

Sunal Aluminum is a well-known company that provides efficient aluminum profile processing. perfect aluminum profile accessories, and reasonable aluminum profile prices. European standard, American standard, and Japanese standard design. production, manufacture, and inspection of industrial aluminum profiles. such as radiators; aluminum shells;lamp body profiles; heat exchange finned tubes. assembly line profiles; automobile profiles; frame aluminum profiles; square tubes; aluminum profile accessories. and other special industrial materials. All products under strictly by ISO9001 and 2008 . and have passed the China Aluminum Profile Product Quality Certification. providing customers with world-class products.