Machining Aluminum with CNC Router Aluminum CNC Machining

Why choose aluminum  cnc machining? Because CNC milling is widely used in today’s society. and many parts of various products that people use are machined with CNC milling. Among all CNC milled parts, aluminum alloy CNC milled parts are the most used. If a custom frame structure . finishing operations need to performed on industrial aluminum profiles. to complete the custom assembly task of the frame. 

machining aluminum with cnc router

Industrial aluminum profile finishing needs to carried out on professional equipment. generally commonly used is CNC equipment and CNC machining equipment. and the accuracy of processing should reduce unnecessary errors. in order to guarantee the smooth installation of the frame. Then you know what stepin the finishing of industrial aluminum profiles? The following small part of the specific to explain to you.

Benifits of Custom Aluminum CNC Machining

According to the designed action. the blank processed into semi-finished products by cutting aluminum profile products with a tool. CNC machining center processing products accuracy up to 0.01mm. not only high precision, but also can be arbitrarily programmed to remove unnecessary parts. drilling, tapping, milling, cutting, etc.

Aluminum cnc machining has good economic benefits . because the processing core can carry out various processes centrally and fully automatically. avoiding errors in the operation process of human elements. reducing workpiece clamping, precise measurement and machining center adjustment time. and workpiece turnover funds, transportation and storage time. further improving high processing efficiency and processing accuracy.

Aluminum cnc machining dominated by column type processing core . because of its small cross-sectional relativity and long shape. Relative to other metal materials, the strength of aluminum alloy profiles is slightly lower. so aluminum cnc processing is relatively low difficulty factor. and can process more complex processing technology.


Application of Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

Productive CNC means all CNC aluminum processing profiles and aluminum CNC Machining Parts architectural curtain walls, interior and exterior design. and CNC aluminum processing profiles for building construction.

For example, fully automatic industrial equipment. Back cover frame and each enterprise according to its own industrial equipment needs . custom-made out of the mold. such as production line conveyor belt, lifting equipment. testing equipment, storage shelves. mechanical and electronic industrial production and clean room. This is also the main use of CNC aluminum machining profiles.

aluminum cnc machining parts

CNC Machining Center Aluminum Products Processing


  1. Cutting. Cutting is the basic processing service. also simple processing operation. and the need to protect the accuracy of cutting. and the cutting end needs to protect no burr. general profile 6 meters long, you can cut different sizes according to the needs of the frame.
  2. Tapping. Including end-face tapping, drilling tapping. using CNC processing equipment, can accurately control the depth.
  3. Drilling. Including through holes, countersunk holes, blind holes, mounting holes and so on. Finishing is required according to the drawing requirements.
  4. Assembly. Including finished product assembly. on-site assembly, etc. providing installation instructions and video installation guidance.
  5. Finishing services. Including milling hole, milling slot, milling surface, end milling, etc.


Nowadays, the development trend of domestic aluminum processing profiles of high performance. high precision, energy saving and environmental protection. and many aluminum profile products have become famous brands at home and abroad. such as doors and windows, curtain walls, aluminum home. rail transportation and other industries.

which enjoy a high reputation in the global market. and the quality of products has been improving, and the level of product standards has been in the forefront. and all major aluminum manufacturers. In addition to production according to national standards. all can directly accept orders according to the requirements of the world’s standards.

This means the production level of aluminum processing in China . has been further improved. and it is inseparable from the support of aluminum profile processing center to develop like this. Sunal Aluminum focuses on the production of aluminum profile processing center .

Why choose Sunal Aluminum Precision Processing

Sunal aluminum has CNC machine tool . and aluminum profile processing center has several characteristics

1 One-time clamping can complete multiple processes. with automatic tool change automatic speed adjustment automatic feed . which is convenient for standardization of processing process and standardization of tool management.

2.High processing accuracy, high efficiency. high utilization rate of machine tools and high production efficiency.

3.Wider processing range, more stable and reliable quality.

4.Have a high degree of processing adaptability.

5.Easy to realize automatic control processing.

aluminum cnc machine
cnc aluminum machining


Thanks to the CNC machining process. the manufacture of aluminum parts has become a breeze. The precision you get when extracting such pieces is the main reason why many people find this process useful. One can obtain complex parts from the CNC machining process.

You will enjoy the simplicity of this method and the level of safety. that makes it the best choice when compared to other methods. You should try CNC machining in the production of aluminum parts and enjoy the benefits and convenience.