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Aluminum alloy profiles with different cross-sectional shapes. That made by melting aluminum rods and forcing them through a die. You can choose from a wide range of specifications. to make a number of frame structures fit a wide range of load needs. Since this is the case, more and more people are choosing custom aluminum fabrication. Aluminum profiles are becoming more popular because they have many desirable qualities. However, custom aluminum fabrication profile service is often the best way. to meet the specific needs of end users in real-world settings.

custom aluminum fabrication


Open-Mold Customization of Aluminum Profiles is More Accurate


the mold customization has different sizes and technical standards. and users can send the profiles’ drawings to the processing factory. Open-mold customization of industrial aluminum profiles can make custom-processed products finer and softer.

More Precise Processing Methods and Technology Improve Production

Mold opening and customization of aluminum profiles will consider product design . and can be customized based on price and user expectations. Aluminum profile mold opening and customization improve processing.



In the customized processing of aluminum profiles. aluminum profile manufacturers will provide corresponding service solutions. according to the needs of users, and develop more professional. and better product production standards according to the needs of users. which improved according to their technical models . and customized requirements in the production process.


We have CNC machines with vertical and horizontal machining capabilities. Our knowledgeable team thoroughly examines each project. verifies its manufacturability, and ensures that your parts has processed with maximum efficiency. and without sacrificing quality.


Additionally, our ten CNC machines have 4th-axis capabilities. Similar to 3rd-axis machining. but with additional rotary movement around the X-axis, is 4th-axis machining. This enables us to mill aluminum extrusions on multiple axes without changing tools. thereby increasing productivity.


extruded aluminium profiles


Our team of specialists evaluates your project . and determines the optimal approach for tooling. and machining required to efficiently meet requirements. Our fabrication facility is outfitted with some of the most advanced equipment . and machinery for fabricating.


The final step in aluminum fabrication entails confirming . that the manufactured component meets all specifications . and is ready for use. When necessary, we create custom gauging to ensure the fit. and functionality of each part. as part of a meticulous inspection process . that ensures the fabricated parts meet the required specifications. In addition, we offer finishing and assembly services. including powder coating, anodizing, and wet paint.

Aluminum Extrusion Finishing


Numerous businesses have difficulty locating an aluminum fabricator with the expertise, capacity. and capacity to meet their custom fabrication needs on time and at competitive prices.


Sunal is an aluminum extrusion company with nearly two decades of experience. providing customers with premium extrusions at competitive prices. In addition to aluminum extrusion, we also offer fabrication. powder coating, assembly, and other finishing services. At sunal, we are proud of our ability to provide turnkey solutions. for all of your aluminum extrusion requirements. from small prototype jobs to high-volume production runs.

Custom Aluminum Products

custom aluminum products

access panel Is a kind of in the renovation process . such as central air conditioning pipes, electric wire pipes, bathroom supply. and drainage pipes and other places or are in need of access holes . technicians for access to the internal pipes of the ceiling or tile. plasterboard wall access holes or called on the manhole, access door, inspection holes.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusions

SUNAL produce Central air conditioning air outlet has features as. Anti-condensation, adjustable air supply. Central air conditioning air outlet is the end equipment used for air supply. and return in the central air conditioning system. which is a kind of air distribution equipment.  ensuring the indoor cooling and heating effect. while also ensuring the cooling and comfort of the indoor air.

Custom Aluminum Casting

custom aluminum parts
Aluminium slat fencing panel offers the latest in architectural style with clean, modern lines and a sharp finish that can improve the aesthetics, and value, of any type of buildings.

Custom Aluminum Die Casting Mold

custom aluminum die casting mold

Find wall vents, return air grilles (over 80 sizes) for walls and ceilings. baseboard returns, air deflectors, wall clips, and custom grilles. Make sure to check out the large selection of hard to find return filter grilles. We have worked extensively to provide high quality, functional. yet affordable vent covers for walls and ceilings on behalf of homeowners. contractors, commercial owners, and builders.