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With the rapid growth of rail transportation. the manufacturing technology of rail transportation vehicle equipment is also gradually improving. Aluminum profile for rail has leading to increased demands for vehicle safety, comfort, energy efficiency and emission reduction. green environmental protection, operation speed, and passenger carrying capacity.

Now the high-speed and safe operation of high-speed rail rolling stock. continuously explore new technology solutions and advanced technology applications. improve the light weight of the vehicle body. to ensure the strength and stiffness of the body based on the selection of lightweight materials to reduce the vehicle’s weight. such as aluminum extrusion profiles. In order to achieve a light weight for high-speed rail. the production of load-bearing structural components. can significantly minimize energy consumption and increase vehicle safety.

Aluminium Rail profile


Outer safety guards of the vehicle, such as bumpers. – Well, safety guards are quite vital, as are outer safety guards, and they are all made of these main and important elements.

Well, Aluminium Rail profile is utilized in multiple beams and roof railing because the roof is a very significant aspect of Aluminium rail profile.

Seat sides, seat mobility features, and neck rest – several main and minor components are entirely formed of aluminum rail profile, such as seat sides, seat mobility features, and neck rest.

One of the primary and significant elements is a very sophisticated sunroof channel – properly maintained sunroof channels by Aluminium rail profile.

Internal design, such as dashboards – Every Single Rail coach has an internal design composed of aluminum rail profile for its robust structure.

Sun Blockers, door handles, and many other parts – Sun Blockers, door handles, and many other pieces are entirely composed of materials.

Extruded tubes with many hollow chambers, condensing tubes Aluminium Rail Profile is one of the most important and durable materials in the waste industry, and it is used in a variety of processes.


Our aluminum profile are mostly utilized in high-speed rail and metro systems. The use of light rail transit. SUNAL Aluminum primarily manufactures aluminum profiles used in the production of doors. windows, roofs, outside wall panels, interior wall tubes. bogies, roofs, locomotive side roofs, vents, etc. for rail cars. Aluminum profiles widely used in the production of rail vehicles across the globe. from the initial use of aluminum to manufacture some vehicle parts . to the development of all-aluminum structure vehicles. in which the fundamental structural components of the vehicles are made of aluminum rail profile.


Aluminium Rail Wire Channel

Aluminum profiles for rail transportation for 20 Years SUNAL ALUMINUM RAIL PROFILE PROJECTS


Light texture

First of all, the density of aluminum rail profile is only one third of steel. For example, the aluminum rail profile used in a high-speed railway carriage is about 10 tons, and the weight of the whole body is 30%-50% less than that of all steel. A large number of aluminum profiles are used in the manufacture of rail transportation.

aluminum rail Ventilator

Impact resistance

Secondly, although the fatigue resistance and impact resistance of aluminum rail profile are not as good as steel, with the development of technology, many high-performance aluminum rail profiles have been successfully developed, and aluminum rail profile monolithic hollow wall panel has been successfully developed. It can completely solve the defects of aluminum rail profile.


Aluminium with powder coat definitely prevents resisting metal coating or any chemical treatment, giving them a high durability mark.Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal that keeps your products from decaying or rusting.

Fire resistance

Finally, aluminum rail profile has better fire resistance, arc resistance and heat dissipation than steel.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminium profile for railways requires relatively little maintenance. And it’s simple to tailor to the budget and specifications of commercial enterprises.


As we konw, Aluminium profile for railways can be put in just a few hours using a simple process.


Aluminium railway profile is available in a number of colors and designs or patterns.

aluminum rail seat
aluminum rail door

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