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The construction industry is one of the main markets for aluminum profiles. and about 20% of the total aluminum production is used in the construction industry. and the construction industry in some industrially developed regions. has used more than 30% of its total production. In recent years, the products of aluminium extrusion construction are constantly updated. and the application of novel architectural products such as colored aluminum. composite aluminum panels, composite door and window frames . and aluminum alloy templates is also increasing year by year.

aluminium products manufacture

Aluminum profiles are widely used in roofs, walls, doors. and windows, skeletons, mesh shell structures, mesh structures. glass curtain wall support systems, canopies, communication towers. pedestrian bridges, interior and exterior decorative panels, partitions. ceilings, suspended ceilings, railing handrails, interior furniture. decorative materials and structural components, store containers. and templates for construction in industrial . and civil buildings, and have achieved good results.


Aluminum profiles play an important role in many modern construction projects. They are used for doors, windows, decorations, handrails and other applications. SUNAL Aluminum provides standard and custom extrusions to companies that want to reduce their costs while maintaining the same high quality standards. With a team that is 100% focused on customer service, we provide the fabrication services and secondary processing you need to make your project a success.

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aluminium profile construction


Practical Applications

Aluminum profile extruded to any specification without sacrificing strength and endurance. It can accommodate any size or shape, making it incredibly adaptable. and flexible for applications and designs. Aluminum extrusion has become a go-to construction procedure . when a design has special specifications that other metals can’t meet. Extruded aluminum used for practically any aspect of a building. including window frames, roofs, and modern embellishments. Aluminum’s weight-to-strength ratio makes it flexible. Aluminum is light and strong, unlike steel. Extruded aluminum is as reliable and strong as other metals but easier to transport and lift.

Corrosion Resistance

Expanding on extruded aluminum’s strength and weight. this material possesses remarkable structural strength . similar to steel at a third of the weight. This weight difference also makes aluminum extrusion easier . and more efficient to transport to the construction site. making it perfect for construction projects. Steel makes vehicles work more to reach the same speeds, consuming more fuel. Aluminum extrusions are easy to load and unload, saving money and resources. Thermal conductivity and weather resistance contribute to aluminum extrusion’s strength. Age and environment wear down everything, yet aluminum extrusions hold very well. Extrusions protect buildings from the cold better than brick.

Structural Strength

Anti-corrosion Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. lowering the possibility of rust that would degrade a metal’s integrity. This is important for building durable dwellings. Aluminum alloys are resilient to UV radiation and UV deterioration. This degradation can cause a loss of color, strength, flexibility, fissures, or disintegration. Corrosion-resistant aluminum enables for more energy-efficient extrusions. Aluminum extrusions can be continually recycled and reused. Recycling employs a fraction of the energy needed to make new aluminum extrusions.

Reusable and Recyclable

Recyclable Aluminum’s capacity to recycled and reused avoids demolition on construction sites. Instead, crews deconstruct to recycle and reuse resources. This minimizes landfill expenses and makes construction projects more environmentally conscientious. This is vital as we seek to understand our environmental impact . and demand for sustainable materials and processes rises. Aluminum recycled repeatedly without degrading its properties. which is practical for construction sites. This helps maintain aluminum extrusion supplies plentiful and pricing consistent. Aluminum extrusion is green and cost-effective.

Enhanced Aesthetic Design

Design enhancement Aluminum profiles are naturally aesthetically beautiful. which permits construction projects to include newer, more innovative designs. Aluminum extrusion’s flexibility makes these options possible. Aluminum can be painted or anodized to achieve . whatever decorative finish architects and engineers desire. Aluminum’s attractive aesthetic is often used to produce a sleeker, more modern construction.

Aluminium Extrusion Construction for a Wide Range of Applications

extruded aluminium profiles

Aluminum’s contemporary appearance makes it particularly popular among architects. SUNAL has hundreds of stock dies for various applications. The tool and die procedure for bespoke shapes is less expensive and has shorter lead times than other manufacturing methods. This enables us to provide you with extrusions that are precisely matched to the requirements of your project.

Access Panel for Building

access panel

access panel Is a kind of in the renovation process . such as central air conditioning pipes, electric wire pipes, bathroom supply. and drainage pipes and other places or are in need of access holes . technicians for access to the internal pipes of the ceiling or tile. plasterboard wall access holes or called on the manhole, access door, inspection holes.

Central Air Conditioning Vent

Central air conditioning vent

SUNAL produce Central air conditioning air outlet has features as. Anti-condensation, adjustable air supply. Central air conditioning air outlet is the end equipment used for air supply. and return in the central air conditioning system. which is a kind of air distribution equipment.  ensuring the indoor cooling and heating effect. while also ensuring the cooling and comfort of the indoor air.

Aluminum Fence

aluminum fence
Aluminium slat fencing panel offers the latest in architectural style with clean, modern lines and a sharp finish that can improve the aesthetics, and value, of any type of buildings.

Ventilation Grilles for Walls

ventilation grilles for walls

Find wall vents, return air grilles (over 80 sizes) for walls and ceilings. baseboard returns, air deflectors, wall clips, and custom grilles. Make sure to check out the large selection of hard to find return filter grilles. We have worked extensively to provide high quality, functional. yet affordable vent covers for walls and ceilings on behalf of homeowners. contractors, commercial owners, and builders.


Aluminum Handrail

Aluminum handrail
Aluminum fence handrail . … The weather resistance, fine edge, elegant appearance. and high brightness and hardness for easy processing and installation. Therefore it is widely used in aluminum windows, doors. curtain walls, handrails, general aluminum profiles, decorative and industrial aluminum profiles, etc.

Customized Aluminum Acoustic Grille

Customized aluminum acoustic grille

Find wall vents, return air grilles (over 80 sizes) for walls and ceilings. baseboard returns, air deflectors, wall clips, and custom grilles. Make sure to check out the large selection of hard to find return filter grilles. We have worked extensively to provide high quality, functional. yet affordable vent covers for walls and ceilings on behalf of homeowners. contractors, commercial owners, and builders.


Aluminum Foundation Drainage

Foundation Drainage

A foundation drain works by attracting water in the soil around the property from rain, melting snow, or rising groundwater. Once collected, the water is carried away from the structure which prevents flooding and most importantly, residual water damage. Conditions vary from site to site and require varied materials.

Customized Aluminum Pavilion

Aluminum pavilion

SUNAL Pergola Pavilion is an all aluminum shade structure. featuring a modular roof system with an integrated gutter offering complete rain. and sun protection with an eye-catching design. Sunal aluminum panels offer a watertight ceiling that is both lightweight and attractive. Offered in 16 standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. this low maintenance Sunal Pergola provides architectural . interest with the perfect amount of shade and privacy. Add lighting, curtains, heaters or a fan to create the perfect outdoor retreat.